11 Ways to Declutter Your Email Inbox and Keep It That Way for the Rest of Your Life

Get your email under control and kill your guilt.

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It’s time to stop email clutter, according to Rory’s Story Cubes.

6 Steps to Clear Out an Entire Year of Emails From Your Inbox

ONE. Collect all your emails from the previous year into one folder to declutter your main inbox.

TWO. Set up no more than 5 other folders to collect common types of email together.

THREE. Search for common names, addresses, and words to round up similar emails so you can deal with them en masse.

FOUR. Unsubscribe from newsletters that haven’t won your deeper attention.

FIVE. Delete, archive, or mark as read every email you’re not going to do anything about, starting with the oldest unread email. Then do it with all the read emails.

SIX. Take every email that is 7 years old or older and delete it (or at least mark them as read and put them in an annual folder).

5 Ways to Keep Your Inbox Uncluttered So It’s Easier for the Rest of Your Life

ONE. Delete or archive emails once you’ve responded to them.

TWO. Add tasks and events from reminder emails to your calendar and delete or archive those emails.

THREE. If you have multiple email addresses, forward them all to one central location and only access them there.

FOUR. Turn off email notifications from outside apps and social media.

FIVE. Turn off desktop notifications for new emails.

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