Elan’s May 2018 Mixtape

Music from Nico to Girl Ray to Kendrick Lamar, 1967–2018, on Spotify and Apple Music.

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This month’s mixtape has 16 alternative, R&B/soul, hip hop, pop, rock, and indie rock songs across 3 different decades. Honestly, I don’t always understand how music is split into different genres, but this is the spread Apple Music claims this playlist inhabits, so sure.

Some notes:

  1. Janelle Monáe’s “PYNK” is deeply lady-loving sexy, so it should be played on repeat about five times at least while thinking about every woman you never kissed but should have and every woman you did kiss but shouldn’t have and what it was like those times you can’t write about in public. Now watch the video and think about pants as pornography.
  2. This playlist starts off strong following Monáe with some punk/pop/rock Vaccines and Hinds, but then it starts to slow down. Don’t worry, it picks up again. You can’t stay on the same emotional note for a whole hour. Well, you can, but it’s good to get a little moody.
  3. I end this whole thing with Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around”, because it’s how this heathen gets down into some meaty religious feels. Heavy judgement and the apocalypse have a visceral power to them — just look at the gut punch that is the present roiling mess of American politics—so turn it up far too loud for the neighbours. If they’re not feeling the hoofbeats of the four horsemen thundering through the wall, you’re doing it wrong.


May 2018's mixtape track listing on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. PYNK — Janelle Monáe (2018)
2. Rolling Stones — The Vaccines (2018)
3. Garden — Hinds (2015)
4. Adore — Amy Shark (2016)
5. Don’t Go Back At Ten — Girl Ray (2017)
6. Eulogy to Lenny Bruce — Nico (1967)
7. The Story Bridge — Breckin (2018)
8. Over Rainbows and Rainier — Damien Jurado (2018)
9. When He Drinks — Jason McCue (2018)
10. Is There a Place I Can Go — Trudy and the Romance (2017)
11. New Slang — The Shins (2001)
12. Like Going Down Sideways — Cut Worms (2017)
13. FIGHTER (feat. Kaina) — Saba (2018)
14. Something for Your M.I.N.D. — Superorganism (2017)
15. YAH. — Kendrick Lamar (2017)
16. The Man Comes Around — Johnny Cash (2002)

This mixtape is also published here.

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