Elan’s April 2018 Mixtape

Music from 1970 to 2018 and George McCrae to Parquet Courts on Spotify and Apple Music.

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I’ve been making playlists for myself for ages. I made my first mixtape on an actual cassette in the actual year 1985, and, if I’m remembering correctly, it included the Thompson Twins, Mister Mister, and Duran Duran. Apparently, we liked having two of everything in the 80s. Of course, back then I had to blow backpack lint out of it and bust out the tabs so I wouldn’t accidentally tape over it like I did that one time when I destroyed the only perfect mixtape I ever made and then neglected to write down the song list. Only the winds of time have that one now, and those winds are not sharing.

A few months ago, I decided to make monthly mixtapes as a kind of listening diary, because I missed mixtapes and kept losing track of my favourite music because Apple Music is the worst at letting me organize my library. (I’ll never understand why Apple can make such a wonderful iPhone and then such a shitshow of a music app.) I gave myself three mixtape rules to follow, as I’m wont to do to make sense of this mess of a universe:

  1. I must have a minimum of 12 songs, and
  2. I must include songs from at least three decades, and
  3. I must post one of these playlists at least once a month.

This mixtape has 15 songs that touch on 4 different decades and is the first one posted in the month of April, so it already satisfies me deeply — yay, arbitrary order — before I even hit play. I hope it satisfies you at least half as much. Enjoy!

April 2018’s mixtape track listing:

1. He’s So Unusual — Cyndi Lauper (1984) 2. On the Regular — Shamir (2014) 3. Money — Caroline Rose (2018) 4. Wide Awake — Parquet Courts (2018) 5. Acetone — Vundabar (2017) 6. Body — Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (2009) 7. Equestrian — Omni (2017) 8. On and On Corridor — OCS (2017) 9. Vice House — Strawberry Mountain (2017) 10. Boys Will Be Boys — Stella Donnelly (2017) 11. Shark Smile — Big Thief (2017) 12. Lonely Universe — Angel Olsen (2012) 13. Class of 2013 — Mitski (2013) 14. Look At Me — John Lennon (1970) 15. You Can Have It All — George McCrae (1974)

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