Elan’s December 2018 Mixtape

Music from Júníus Meyvant to Tierra Whack to Van Morrison, 1952–2018, on Spotify and Apple Music.

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December 2018's mixtape track listing on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. You Fascinate Me So — Blossom Dearie (1952) 2. Mujeres — Y La Bamba (2018) 3. Carb Yr Enthusiasm — Miss World (2018) 4. Blue Again — Weakened Friends (2018) 5. Body Talks (feat. Kesha) — The Struts (2018) 6. Row Row — Zeal & Ardor (2018) 7. Wave of History — Downtown Boys (2015) 8. High Alert — Júníus Meyvant (2018) 9. So Down — Mother Mother (2018) 10. Doesn’t Remind Me — Audioslave (2005) 11. Just What I Needed — The Cars (1978) 12 on Apple Music. Yes Man — Munchausen by Proxy, Von Iva & Zooey Deschanel (2008) 12 on Spotify. Flyswatter — Eels (2000) 13. Awkward Breakfast — Art Brut (2018) 14. Girls @ (feat. Chance the Rapper) — Joey Purp (2016) 15. Cry Alone — Lil Peep (2018) 16. Fuck Off — Tierra Whack (2018) 17. Meat — Noise Addict (1994) 18. Come Down — Sylvan Esso (2014) 19. Misunderstanding — Marianne Faithfull (2018) 20. Night Shift — Lucy Dacus (2018) 21. Salt In the Wound — boygenius (2018) 22. Copilot — Tōth (2018) 23. Everything Apart — Foxwarren (2018) 24. Madame George — Van Morrison (1968)

Some notes:

  1. Listening to Blossom Dearie makes me want to flit around the house in a crinoline, all hepped up on excitement about modern electric machines. Look at this amazing vacuum! This dishwasher is a marvel of science! Microwaves are space age!
  2. Kesha showing up in a song from The Struts makes me feel so many things. It’s like she’s been sprung from the worst depths of patriarchy’s jail, and we get to hear her beautiful holler.
  3. The metal/gospel/blues from Zeal & Ardor — Gosbletal? Blospal? — has me listening to them on repeat at a deafening volume and yelling in my apartment. Thank god I work from home and my neighbours do not.
  4. You are all on notice for not telling me about Júníus Meyvant before this. Seriously.
  5. It’s good and still so sad to hear Chris Cornell’s voice in Audioslave’s “Doesn’t Remind Me”. Damn.
  6. I realize that Joey Purp’s “Girls @“ completely objectifies women, but it includes all sizes of women, so it’s inclusive, right? Shhh. I’m trying not to think too hard about it. Except I’ve taken to asking the cats if their tits are out when it’s playing. I cringe.
  7. Tierra Whack’s new album consists of 16 one-minute songs. They’re all exactly one minute long, and the whole thing is great. It’s weird and perfect and everything on it is good on repeat, so you can listen to it for at least 64 minutes.
  8. MARIANNE FAITHFULL. Holy moly. Her entire new album, Negative Capability, is deep and vulnerable and heartbreaking and beautiful. It makes me want to give into spasms of longing and grief and celebrate these storied lives we live at the same time. I hope I can bust out anything of any kind that’s one quarter as good when I’m 71.
  9. Van Morrison’s album Astral Weeks turned 50 this year. FIFTY. That makes it old-timey music now, but it’s forever brilliant. When I first heard it in the 90s, I didn’t get it, but I was staying in a house where it was played a lot, so it became a regular soundtrack to my days. One day when everyone was out, I put it on, and suddenly I heard it. Something in my brain opened up and it became the thing that it clearly was. A new language all its own revealed itself as a diver slowly surfacing. It is its own gorgeous thing, Astral Weeks, and I am grateful for it.

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