Elan’s October 2018 Mixtape

Music from Spiritualized to Katie Herzig to Fleetwood Mac, 1977–2018, on Spotify and Apple Music.

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October 2018’s mixtape track listing on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. A Perfect Miracle — Spiritualized (2018) 2. Goodnight Europe — Amber Arcades (2018) 3. Emmylou — First Aid Kit (2012) 4. Wouldn’t It Be Great? — Loretta Lynn (2018) 5. American Flowers — Birds of Chicago (2017) 6. All Out of Catastrophes — Marissa Nadler (2018) 7. Conditions — Squirrel Flower (2016) 8. Funeral Singers (feat. Collections of Colonies of Bees) — Sylvan Esso (2018) 9. Closest I Get — Katie Herzig (2011) 10. Stella — Mountain Man (2018) 11. Flying — Alejandro Escovedo (2018) 12. Go Now — Pascal Babare (2018) 13. Sometimes I Wanna Dance — Lonnie Holley (2018) 14. In Another Life — Sandro Perri (2018) 15. Never Going Back Again — Fleetwood Mac (1977)

Some notes:

  1. This month’s playlist is a lot less loud and, overall, it’s lighter in tone than last month’s.
  2. I needed it to be lighter and easier to listen to, because so much of the world is just shy of a literal trash fire at this point, and I’m having nightmares about being overwhelmed by hybrid bees that don’t die when they sting you.
  3. As well as listening to happier music, I’m also trying to send some kindness out into the world. It can only go inky dark if we let it, so I’ve re-upped my contributions to women entrepreneurs around the world through Kiva, I’ve been paying compliments to women and nonbinary people I don’t know — I thought it would be awkward, but people love hearing that something they’re doing is killing it — and I’m working at cultivating a gentler, kinder heart in general. Defensive argumentativeness might have become a default politically right now, but I don’t need to let the rest of my life sponge up that ick.
  4. I love you. I really do. I know this can only be in the abstract for the most part, but I’m feeling it, so harvest some of it and pay it forward. If love’s a hard one, just like someone a little extra for no reason. While we’re all figuring things out, we can at least make it hurt less along the way.
  5. This month’s playlist has got some pretty good stuff in it. Enjoy the music!

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Writer and Web Designer. See also: lover, fighter, object of subjectivity. https://elanmorgan.com and https://elan.works

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