Elan’s August 2018 Mixtape

Music from Mitski to The Damned to Dick Stusso, 1966–2018, on Spotify and Apple Music.

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August 2018’s mixtape track listing on Spotify and Apple Music:

1. Lash Out — Alice Merton (2018) 2. Dance This Mess Around — The B-52’s (1979) 3. Death Train Blues — Daddy Long Legs (2012) 4. Chevrolet Van — The Nude Party (2018) 5. Greyhound — Calpurnia (2018) 6. Ships — Aaron Beckum (2017) 7. Flatland — Tunng (2018) 8. Addendum — Dick Stusso (2018) 9. True Dark — Murder By Death (2018) 10. I Just Can’t Be Happy Today — The Damned (1979) 11. November 163 — gobbinjr (2018) 12. Burn — The Tiny (2009) 13. Degrees — Stef Chura (2018) 14. You’re Dead — Norma Tanega (1966) 15. Reason to Believe — Karen Dalton (2012) 16. That Way Again — Mazzy Star (2018) 17. Your Best American Girl — Mitski (2016) 18. F**k and Run — Liz Phair (1993)

Some notes:

  1. I’m just about to walk out the door to head to the Regina Folk Festival, and I feel like I failed a little bit, because none of the acts are on my playlist.
  2. It’s 36°C/98°F out. I’m thinking non-melty thoughts.
  3. If you have kids with you that you don’t want singing FUCK AND RUN at inopportune moments, skip the last song. Liz Phair can be quite an education for the younger set.
  4. Liz Phair can be quite the education for anyone.
  5. One time, back in the 1990s when I did things like take LSD and trip balls for 12 hours, I lay on the floor with my eyes closed while listening to Norma Tanega’s “You’re Dead”. It threw me into an eternity where I floated in a realm beyond known physics, so I like to think I’ve been a little bit undead for the last 20-some years, kind of like an immortal but without the vamipirey bloodsucking.
  6. I’m getting texts from people at the festival, and I really should go, but I’m feeling like a delicate pansy, and I’m not undead enough not to die from heat stroke. LSD lies!
  7. Okay, I’m bucking up. I can do this thing. Shakey Graves is playing tonight. Maybe I can hide inside someone’s beer cooler until it’s dark out.
  8. Enjoy the playlist! I made it just for you ❤

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Writer and Web Designer. See also: lover, fighter, object of subjectivity. https://elanmorgan.com and https://elan.works

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